2013 Macedonia Global Investment Summit Highlights


The Summit of 2013 that took place in Ohrid was the most successful event of its kind in the history of Macedonia. The large number of distinguished professionals, who attended the Summit as speakers and guests, is the best contribution Macedonia could receive in the economic development discussion.

In 2013 we had in attendance and as participants, a former CEO of Motorola, Chris Galvin; the head of Human Resources of Unilever, Sandy Ogg; Samih Elhage, CFO of Nokia Solutions and Networks; Curtis Girod, Chief Strategy Officer of the Banking and Financial Services of Cognizant; Filip van Hool, CEO of Van Hool Belgium and many more.

Besides the international guests the Summit in Ohrid was attended by cofounders and members of Macedonia2025, such as Mike Zafirovski, John Bitove, Vera Stavroff, Robert Arsov, Mitre Kutanoski, Professor Dr. Mile Terziovski and others, who were joined by representatives of the Macedonian government and by Macedonian professionals from around the world, as well as businessmen and businesswomen who live and work in Macedonia.


We are happy to share some of the impressions that our participants shared about the summit:

Christopher Galvin Co-Founder and Chairman of Harrison Street Capital and former CEO of Motorola“Your country has already proposed an architecture for how countries become ultimately successful, now you have to implement it. An important thing is to have the ability to educate and develop people – they are the main asset for every company and country in general. Events like this Summit also contribute towards making the country more competitive.”

Filip Van Hool Chief Executive Officer of Van Hool, Belgium“The Summit is an extremely important venue for establishing business contacts and discussing experiences.”

Dr. Jana Marin Assistant CEO of the Acibadem Sistina Hospital“The Macedonia Global Investment Summit 2013 was an extraordinary opportunity to establish contacts with the global business elite. It was an event where one could learn and observe, exchange experience on relevant topics – on how to succeed, how to advance and – what seems to be the most difficult part – how to remain on the top!”

One of the themes of the summit was ENHANCING NATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS THROUGH ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIONS. Macedonian businesspeople and government representatives presented to the international guests the improvements that have taken place in Macedonia in the past several years leading up to the Summit. Data from the World Bank report, the Global Innovation Index, the Global Competitiveness Report and other surveys, was presented to the guests in an effort to encourage representatives of important international companies to invest in Macedonia.

The results of the Summit are visible. Two years later, more than 10 companies have made investments in Macedonia. This is the impact of events such as this and Macedonia2025 is eager to continue this amazing effort by continuing the discussion at the Macedonia Economic Summit, where noted professionals, movers and shakers in the world of science, business and development will discuss development in Macedonia along the lines of economic integration with the region, with Europe and how to ride global trends that are key to bringing prosperity to developing countries.


Sandy Ogg, who gave a keynote speech during the Gala dinner in Ohrid, shared a inventory of practical advices for current and future leaders. Mr. Ogg said:

There are 5 things that I want to share with you that are a result of my last 25 years of experience in working to make change in large systems. I have verified this most recently in my work at Blackstone, by looking at 80 of our companies, and looking at the successes and failures of our CEOs. Some people even say that execution is strategy, and strategy is execution, but I’m going to add one thing to that and that is that execution plus speed equals mobilization….

Read the full transcript of Sandy Ogg’s Envision, Energize, Edge, Execute and Ethics presentation.



In 2013 Macedonia2025’s cofounder Mike Zafirovski invited a number of young Macedonian professionals who have gained international business experience, such as Emil Hristov, then President of EMSA Construction and EMSA Solar and Chris Pavlovski, founder and President of Cosmic Development. Both Emil and Chris had taken part of their business operations to Macedonia, where they transfer their know-how and consequently, leadership skills. We invited Mr. Khamran Ozair served as the Executive Vice President of Mindtree Limited, where through the years he held several other positions. Bratislav Stankovic, Advisor for Science and Technology to the President of the Republic of Macedonia, also attended the workshop and contributed to exciting presentations. Attendees at the event had the opportunity to learn from world professionals, entrepreneurs and educations.

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