Summer Diaspora Business Trip

The aim of the Summer Diaspora Business Trip is to encourage young Macedonians from around the world to rekindle their connection with the country and to map out and find our future ambassadors and enthusiasts that are ready to give back to Macedonia! This program has been successfully organized from 2015 and it currently counts 18 alumni.

Participants of the Summer Diaspora Business Trip have the unique possibility to add to the development of their careers and explore the opportunities for doing business. This program is an example how Macedonia2025, Macedonian companies and institutions can provide the young people with opportunities and help pave the way for professional and personal development.

The chairman of Summer Diaspora Business Trip is the CEO/MB of Alkaloid AD Skopje (a leading pharmaceutical company in South-Eastern Europe from Macedonia) and Macedonia2025 Board Member – Zhivko Mukaetov.

The Summer Diaspora Business Trip includes:

  • Two-week internship at a renowned Macedonian company or organization;
  • Visits to several cities, notable archeological sites, popular historic locations and festivals throughout Macedonia;
  • Networking activities which will provide solid ground for future cooperation between participants and Macedonian companies;
  • Possibility to discover Macedonian cuisine, customs and culture;
  • Opportunity to spend a unique, unforegetabble and enriching summer experince.

*Macedonia2025 covers the costs of accommodation during the road trip. All other costs need to be covered by the participant.

COME BACK to Macedonia! Learn, advance, network and take everything you need out of this experience, so one day you can GIVE BACK to the country as an ambassador, investor or donor.

To view the last open call and the requirements to apply, please click HERE.

Next open call: FEBRUARY 2019

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