Our organization has a solid reputation and a proven track record in doing service to the Republic of Macedonia and its people. All the work that we have done has been made possible by the personal donations of our Board of Directors. In 2015 Macedonia2025 enlisted few corporate partners who donated funds so that we can sustain and expand our programs and we are thankful to them. But no matter how many organizations donate, we still need more funds so we can continue our work. This is why we are reaching out to you, the Macedonians and friends of Macedonia around the world who are connected to the country and the culture, who feel obliged to give a helping hand. We invite you to become a donor to Macedonia2025. Feel free to write us and tell us how you want to donate. If you want to send us some money from time to time, you can always use the PayPal Donate option, which is fast and secure.

Be part of Macedonia by helping the young entrepreneurs, the managers of small companies, the executives of businesses that export internationally. With your donation, Macedonia2025 can send more people to educational programs in business schools in the United States and Canada. Let’s help these people to become better at what they do, so they can create more jobs for the people in Macedonia.

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