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‘Seed of Life’ is hiring General Manager in the food-related sector

By Monday August 13th, 2018Announcements


Seed of life is a company founded in 2011 with the main focus on production of healthy and raw, vegan, and gluten free snacks. We started Seed of Life to enable people to have access to healthy, sustainable food even when life becomes increasingly dynamic and organic food becomes a luxury. Our mission at Seed of Life is to preserve the natural vitality and nutritional value in the food we consume.

Seed of Life is seeking a leader to serve us our General Manager. We want an enthusiastic and experienced leader to continue to grow the company. The ideal candidate should have at least five years experience as a General Manager or other senior management position in the food-related sector. The General Manager (GM) will plan and oversee all Seed of Life operations. Candidates should have a solid understanding of business accounting principles, organizational budgeting and business planning, as well as margins, setting sales goals, pricing, product merchandising, and marketing The GM will be responsible for hiring and supervision of all managers and will report directly to the investor.

To apply please send resume, cover letter, and professional references to:

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