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Inellipse Software Solutions – Bitola is the First Applicant of the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with CESO

By Friday July 27th, 2018Announcements

With more than 20 years of international high-tech experience in business & marketing strategy, product and solution development, ecosystem creation, sales for startups and established software and networking companies, William (Bill) Murphy is the first CESO Volunteer Advisor in Macedonia, conducting his assignment at Inellipse Software Solutions – Bitola, the first company applicant to the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization).

Ilija Jolevski – Co-Founder at Inellipse and Full Professor at University St Kliment Ohridski in Bitola says that what they planned on doing is additionally market, sell and support internally conceived and developed products, apart from successfully providing offshore, onshore and near-shore software development services for clients.

“One of the things we knew from the start is that we needed to apply. We must apply, we must be first. The visit is great. Work with Bill is excellent. We need help in product development, in better research and classification of products. What Bill brought us here was the overall process of how we structure an idea, how we see strengths and weaknesses, how we find all the other stuff that we need to do, how to develop a product and how to create a go-to-market strategy.” – elaborated Jolevski.

Together with Inellipse team, Bill Murphy has already been enthusiastically working on more than 23 projects in just 4 days, transferring knowledge, mentoring and providing support in crucial aspects from the working of the company.

“Macedonia has tremendously good software people. That is a huge resource, ranking high in comparison to other countries, which is a great advantage. The mission of Inellipse is to grow the professional services business, then to build a product-based business and grow that as well. So, present business gets bigger and a new business grows as well. Building products and services, not just services. The idea is to have at least 20% revenue from products in the future. ” – emphasized Murphy.

What they both planned on doing is sharing the received knowledge and expertise to other IT companies in Bitola through workshops, tutorials, online courses, significantly helping students, startups and other relevant stakeholders, thus achieving even more success stories in the future.

After the successful completion of the product development process, Inellipse will also have the opportunity to export its products, conduct bilateral meetings with diaspora business professionals and promote itself through the wide membership network of Macedonia2025.

The Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program seeks to support the development of Macedonian micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), recruiting companies who have specific needs and then matching the abilities of the Canadian senior experts who would like to spend from two to four weeks in Macedonia to advise the companies.

Macedonian micro, small and medium companies, working in the field of finance, tourism and hospitality, information technology, agri-business and natural resource management are welcomed to apply.

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